Electroneum Bazaar launch today


hi Pete,

I understand your point now. However listing item one by one is how most peer to peer market site works.
Your current listing is alright as we like to give ETN users freedom to list their items easily without much constraint.
Please also feedback your suggestion of a live link in the item description thru our site “contact us” link so that we can properly record all users suggestions and feedback and work on them .

As we are a very new site , more and more suggestions and feedback had started pouring in. As we constantly upgrade and update our site . We will keep users updated on our development on our face book page.

thank you for your kind support


Hi electromooneum,

thanks for your feedback , we understand some users may have concern regarding using of email address that is why we give users a choice of either providing an email or telegram for dealing discussion between buyer and seller.
PM system will surely be one of our future development goals. However as we are providing a free site and we do not generate any income/profit - having a PM system at this stage may take a toll on the our sever and work load.

It is a good suggestion . We hope for your kind understanding . please continue to support us and the etn community. Please also sent your feedback and suggestion thru our site “contact us”


Thanks, I’m glad the listings are OK even though they might not be quite the sort you were expecting! I can always remove them if you want me to. I might add a few individual listings that are exclusive to ETN Bazaar!

I think people might start to spend their profits when ETN has mooned a bit, so expect it will be quiet for a little while? I would have sold loads on eBay by then so just didn’t want to put 1000s of items on ETN bazaar only to have to delete them again, so thanks for your understanding!

Maybe the answer is to have a “classified advert” format listing.


eBay 4.0 :+1:

perfect… happy to join

keep it up…!!!


Hello Everyone !
Firstly thanks for all the positive feedback. For those who had not followed us on our face book page where we keep users updated on all our development - below is some upcoming update :
We received a lot of feedback regarding how to improve the website friendliness! For example, Country filtering; Visible item counter etc.
Hence, we are happy to announce that we will be implementing these next week !
Thank you and please continue to share it around !!!


it’s wonderful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ’ i liked it


I hope ETN team gives a special attention to Bazaar on FB and twitter :slight_smile: this will be big in the future…


Dear ETN community ,

Base on users feed back and recommendation .
Electroneum Bazaar website had been updated today .

  1. Country are now being displayed in listings and searchable !
  2. View counter are implemented, you can now know how many views for your items! ( Currently all view counters are 0, but don’t worry about it ! )


@FatFit is this by chance a woocommerce site? if so I can send you a plugin called wp all import pro. I will then be able to give you our xml feed and it will populate all our products onto your site and keep it updated with a cron job running everyday. This way we will not need to update 1000’s of products manually daily.


Fantastic stuff right there.
Ive passed on the link a few times as I dont go anywhere near social media.
Good luck great platform.I will be using it in the future.
Just love the name …


@Maritz thank you for your feedback. As we are a new site and continue learning and growing. Our technical team would like to get in touch with you and discuss on your suggestion. Could you kindly contact us at

we will be looking forward to hear from you again.


@FatFit I will be glad to get in touch with your tech team regarding this. Will drop them a mail on monday


JPA photography services from the Philippines has just listed their photography services and will accept ETN.
This shows that as more people know about ETN and start using and accepting ETN , ETN economic model continue to grow , one small step at a time . Electroneum will surely be Great !
What we can all do in this bear market is to help move and develop the Electroneum economic , by using and accepting ETN.


hello ETN community

Website has new implementation updated!
Now you can share your link in the item to your site

In this prolong bear market , some items listed by sellers are even cheaper than what you can find at Amazon.
We are constantly putting effort into the site and having new improvement and there is always something new each week .

Have a great weekend ahead .

With love from
:kissing_heart: the electroneum bazaar Team.


hello, how much trade are you seeing now?


sell Durian fruit using electroneum


That can also be a possibility too. Because With Bazaar it is easy to list items . Most importantly we are trying to promote the use of electronuem.
Let me give a simple example =

A Durian seller in Singapore who is introduce to electroneum by a friend. He is willing to accept electroneum as payment . However he may not have the capability to make an online store like those using woo commerce. But it is simple to list on our bazaar site . Therefore he listed his durian at our site for an amount of electroneum.
A bag packer from the USA is in Singapore for holiday , he is one of electroneum fan. He would like to try out durian during his holiday in Singapore. Thru our site , he email the durian seller , they contacted each other and the USA bag packer visited the durian seller store in Singapore and paid for the durian using his electroneum app. Both Seller and Buyer are happy.

This is one classic example of how our site electronuem Bazaar could connect buyer and seller together in the world and promoting the use of electroneum.

Best regards
The electroneum Bazaar Team.