Electroneum Bazaar launch today

Dear all,
Our site “Electroneum Bazaar” will be officially launching today.

  • Designed as a Bazaar or a market place where people from all over the world regardless of race and religion could Trade, Buy and Sell their items using ELECTRONEUM (ETN).
  • Electronenum Bazaar is FREE for anyone to use.
  • By giving free access to use Electroneum Bazaar, Our Vision is to provide a Bazaar or a market place to link Electroneum users together across the globe with this unqiue gateway in the developing world to all other users in other parts of the world.
  • Electronenum Bazaar is a place where we hope to help further develop and the compliment Electroneum economic model and their road to mass adoption.

Great this is great keep this going, i will be a buyer Happy Days


Thanks for your support Pete ,
As our site is still new , we welcome any feedback and report of any bugs that you may encounter.
We are constantly working and has a road map of future development . Example : a resolution center using Escrow service for buyers and sellers .

We believe our Electroneum Bazaar will also further help boost the use of ETN in the unbanked world.
A person in the unbanked world may list his pancake or anything using his mobile phone, another person from another town may like to buy them. They could communicate with each other proceed with the transaction. When these people use their connection , they use data . which further compliment ETN eco system where Telco partnering with ETN can sell them more airtime or data using ETN .

Do join us at our facebook page and telegram channel.
Lastly help us spread the news


Not sure if you’re going to add the ETN IPS but if you are then you can get some recognition from the team directly. This was just posted the other day, you should send your site in.

If you’re a vendor who uses # ETN Instant Payment in your shop, store or on your website, tell us! Email your store name and website link to ETNvendor@electroneum.com and we’ll give you a shout out on our social media channels.

Either way, you should reach out to the team, site looks great and I think it has a lot of potential, well done!


J5Alive , thanks for your recommendation .

We will be emailing the team soon.
Our site does have a store front for future development. But currently our focus is on creating and expanding the free marketplace for the ETN community .
We do have ETN instant payment - but that is for any donation that people would like to contribute to our effort.

Singapore users can also buy ETN on our site directly with $SGD bank transfer. However we recommend users to purchase ETN from an exchange if they have access to one.


You’re most welcome, it’s a good way for the site to get a lot of exposure to the community who aren’t using the forum.

I hope to see the team share it soon on their various social media outlets. Again, job well done and it’s nice to see so many in the community helping expand Electroneum’s reach and increase it’s use case. :grin:


This is great. It would be nice to be a site like ebay. People should ve able to add their items for sale :wink:


How is shipping handled ?

Great work I will try using! Can you explain how the process works?


Hi PrestoCrypto ,

Currently what we provide is a free site for seller to list any items , seller will have to register an account on our site with a point of contact , either email or telegram . Potential buyer of your listed item would have to contact the seller directly by their provided email or telegram - how the deal to be process will be between buyer and seller.
Example : if buyer and seller live in the same town or country - they could arrange meetup to deal directly .
if they are from different country - they have to discuss between themselves the best mode of shipment and who to bear the shipping cost.

Electroneum bazaar takes NO Profit at all from any deals made or listing. We are focus on connecting buyers and sellers in the world . Deals will be between buyers and sellers .

Together we can grow the ETN eco-system. As the site grow and mature - we have plans to have an escrow system in place where Electroneum Bazaar can act as a middleman for deals between buyers and sellers if they would like to use electroneum Bazaar for such service.
We may even partner with freight services in future to deliver items for sellers.

In the mean time do list your items with us, share our site, join our facebook and Let ETN grow.
Together as a community we can make it happen. " TO THE MOON !!!"


This is just what Electroneum need’s! awesome, keep up the good work :muscle::muscle:
And I like BAZAAR, it goes to ears nicely :slight_smile:


Hi Pete ,

A range of prices is not feasible currently as any buyer will almost surely want to buy at the lowest price. A bidding system could be implemented in 2019 as we are working on a bidding system .
However if a seller wanted to sell at a range of price, what i would recommend is for you to list your item at a comfortable good price that you would like to accept and also put in your item description that the price listed is negotiable . In that case when an interested buyer contacted you privately . The actual sales price can be discuss between the two parties in private.


This is really cool. Great work!


Great idea although i don’t know why you have to show the users email address, it would be better if if was private. Maybe have a PM system instead.


Amazing! well done @FatFit



Thats sooo good mahn ! Keep the good work up…


hi Pete,

I understand your point now. However listing item one by one is how most peer to peer market site works.
Your current listing is alright as we like to give ETN users freedom to list their items easily without much constraint.
Please also feedback your suggestion of a live link in the item description thru our site “contact us” link so that we can properly record all users suggestions and feedback and work on them .

As we are a very new site , more and more suggestions and feedback had started pouring in. As we constantly upgrade and update our site . We will keep users updated on our development on our face book page.

thank you for your kind support


Hi electromooneum,

thanks for your feedback , we understand some users may have concern regarding using of email address that is why we give users a choice of either providing an email or telegram for dealing discussion between buyer and seller.
PM system will surely be one of our future development goals. However as we are providing a free site and we do not generate any income/profit - having a PM system at this stage may take a toll on the our sever and work load.

It is a good suggestion . We hope for your kind understanding . please continue to support us and the etn community. Please also sent your feedback and suggestion thru our site “contact us”


eBay 4.0 :+1:

perfect… happy to join

keep it up…!!!


Hello Everyone !
Firstly thanks for all the positive feedback. For those who had not followed us on our face book page where we keep users updated on all our development - below is some upcoming update :
We received a lot of feedback regarding how to improve the website friendliness! For example, Country filtering; Visible item counter etc.
Hence, we are happy to announce that we will be implementing these next week !
Thank you and please continue to share it around !!!


it’s wonderful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ’ i liked it