Electroneum around the world


Where are you from? Let’s show our strength around the world! I’m from Minnesota in the states


I’m in Australia, western sydney :+1:


Hi mate,

Electroneum community showed its strengths from the beginning.

I do see some numbers to diminish specially on the Telegram chat, but overall we are still very strong. The amount of the registered users is steadily growing as well.

I’m from Australia and I did a great deal of due diligence. Etn came up on the top of everything else. And I am not just a standard believer and supporter, I actually look at numbers.


The Netherlands here :sunglasses:


Diversity is key to any successful business! - I’m from Berlin, :de:


Im from England :smiley: hallo everyone :uk:


Romania :romania:
Hagi Nadia Comaneci Simona Halep :smiley:


I am Canadian! Hello Everyone!