Electroneum application idea

Hi thanks for looking.

Firstly etn app is brilliant but…

Why have a separate place to come to chat about etn utilise the app itself and integrate the chat into the app .
Makes great sense as the app is always open , add the option to turn chat on or off only use Wi-Fi etc to save data usage .
Add the ability to send direct messages to other users in the group.

This would be fantastic as you would not need to go anywhere else to check on price etc
All in one package

Also on the mining page make the lines glow towards the coin add some funkyness.

Thanks for looking …


We will make it for sur hand in to hand we will conquer


Etn is still in its infancy but I truly believe it will be massive in the future…


For sur we will go far becauseETN never give up


On the roadmap is says there going to launch a community app not sure if it will be integrated with the one we already have though.



The lines did glow and animate in the initial app release. I assume it was changed to conserve as much battery power as possible. It’s much more useful mining unnoticed than being the reason you have to keep your phone plugged into the charger.

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My money is they will have a map/gps service with the app at somepoint so you can find the closest ETN vedor/merchant in your area. If they aren’t they should consider this. @ETNCEO


Hi @Plankton_ETN thanks for the input it’s greatly appreciated. I’ll make sure this goes on our list for discussion with the Dev team.


Thankyou nick for the reply…


I think the same thing