Electroneum app pending balance

As the user reach the 10etn then you need to tranfer it in there wallet but still i have 26etn in pending.

The payout is 100 now. That’s been communicated over and over


The payout is 100 ETN now. This is because of the new cloud mining update. With the cloud miner, you can close the app once the cloud mining has began, and it will continue mining. The only new step is taking a picture of yourself to prove that you are a real person.

Now you don’t need internet to continue mining, you only need internet to upload your picture- the selfie.

The reason why the cloud miner needs 100 etn to pay out, is because a real human is looking at your picture and verifying that you are doing the requested pose. The real human can’t keep up with thousands of pictures, so now the mobile miners are only paying out once every 30 days or so instead of every 3 days- but at 100 ETN instead of 10 ETN.

Another reason for this change is about transaction speed. With the payout being at 10 ETN, the block-chain is filled with transactions of just 10 ETN being moved from the mobile miner host to people’s wallets. This means there’s a lot of traffic in the block chain that is really not important. With a payout of 100 ETN there is 10x less transactions related to the mobile miner, and this makes way for actual transactions to be completed more quickly.

I hope you enjoy the new cloud mining features!

Feel free to ask more about the mobile miner.


can i give you a hug for this