Electroneum App logging out automatically


Morning everyone, I gave noticed that over the past week or little bit more the app shuts itself down and then has to be logged back on to continue to mining. Previously the app would continue to be logged on and mining unless you turned off phone, closed the app or try and access the app when you had no Internet connection but tried to update. Is anyone else having this problem.



I have same problem - disconect when I switch between data and WiFi… about 5x per day


Here same problem about 3 or 4 times a day.


See I have it even when there is no switch, I began running the App last night connected to my WiFi, woke up this morning and the app had to be restarted. Never used to do this whether on WiFi or 4G.


same happens with my phone too


So is there a fix for this and why does it seem to be happening recently more than before


mine too,min 4 times logout.anyone knows how to fix that trouble


Same here but the problem stopped for me when I left it on data…


i am leaving all dayy wifi on but still logging out;(


Same problem here. I thought it was a problem with my phone, but it seems to be affecting everyone.


I have had this problem as well. A couple times a day usually. I am wondering if it is the ETN team doing it on purpose to try and weed out the robot miners.


Thats what i think it is. Too many people out there trying to screw the system. Fair play to the ETN team if it is them who are doing it, only trying to kill the bots.


Only way how to stop it to give mandatory - show face to yoti and repeat 5 words on camera… if you dont do this you will not able to use the miner, some requirements for cloud mining - we need to stop the bots…
But this anoying me to start the app 5* per day…