Electroneum app age restriction reduced!

So in the past the age restriction was 18.

Now it is 14! This is fantastic news please pass this on as it can help many families earn more between them.

But please remember

1 person 1 account

Any violation of this could mean a ban.

How is Electroneum planning to target the new teen demographic?

I think they ought to get a TikTok and Snapchat Strategy ASAP.

I read TikTok is almost 800 million downloads which is insane growth!

We’ll absolutely clean up if we advertise on that platform, but I think the app UX UI might need to reflect this new demographic a little more.

Imagine if kids started putting the ETN QR code at the end of their video for donations and it went viral :astonished:

Creating TikTok ads: https://ads.tiktok.com/homepage/?refer=tiktok_web

Also, if you look on their home page below you see a field that let’s you text yourself the download link to the app. It’s a clever way to catch the users on desktops who may have otherwise slipped through the net, been on the fence, or just not have their phone with them.



One of those could be put on the AnyTask and TaskSchool website too

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this to @BegaMutex + obligatory :chipmunk:

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Lot’s of TikTok stats here:

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