Electroneum API


Is there an API for Electroneum? I’m a Wordpress developer and I would like to create a Wordpress plugin for Electroneum.



Try here for information

Hope it helps @Vidal



@Chris_T Thanks, missed that topic, much appreciated!


Hey no problems @Vidal glad to of been a help…

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The API is very easy to integrate. I’ve written a WooCommerce plugin recently. You’re welcome to use portions of the code for your project: https://github.com/benjaminoo/electroneum-instant-payments-woocommerce


Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for letting me know. I will check i out.:+1:t2:


I have developed a C# port of the Electroneum API (based off what I saw with the PHP version) with some unit tests and a sample website to test the qr generation and webhook process. Only started on it yesterday so could be things to work out.

However anyone can clone (after installing dotnet core) and run the website test application immediately (with their apikey and secret) from Visual Studio Code, or Visual Studio 2017.

Please review it and let me know of any thoughts:
I cant include links however if you go onto github and search for electroneum-dotnet


That would be: https://github.com/stempy/electroneum-dotnet