Electroneum Anthem Music Video


Hey everybody,

Did you hear the incredible ETN song created by Nave Savage?
Now there’s a music video to go with it.
Shout out to M-System for making this awesome video and to Nave Savage for creating the song, which has already had 23,000 plays! Everyone at Electroneum HQ loves it and we’re continually amazed by the hard work and dedication that has gone into projects like this and by the talent in our community.
Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bEq4hgm-fw&lc=z22xuvoj0li3gz0oo04t1aokg0nsoebfynxq3dpjkg5qrk0h00410
Have you made anything for ETN? Let us know!


Perfect video and Perfect music :slight_smile:


Великолепный видеоролик!


Thank you for sharing this Jade


Super video and Perfect music :slight_smile:


A lot of talent within this community @LETmusic. Remember Ladies and Gents it is not a popularity contest or who is better. We are all on the same team and everyone is an integral part of this community. I am truly looking forward to others showing us their talents… lets show the world what we are made of.