Electroneum Android App not Transferring to Wallet


I have had the android app working since mid December. Every time the ‘mined’ total gets to 10ETN it transfers these 10 ETN to my wallet. Once in December and again on January 9th. I know have 16.5 more ETN mined and it is not being transferred to my wallet. It should have transferred at 10.x ETN and left the other small portion behind. Any help appreciated. :expressionless:


It was updated to 100 so there are less transactions on the blockchain. This month we are expecte to onboard many more users and it will help. You will earn the same amount of ETN but it will just tranfer when it hits 100. Beat ya @Dngruss lol


Last week they changed the payout to 100 instead of 10.


Thanks for the quick reply guys. I am looking for a news group or blog to follow on this crypto so I will be updated on these things.


Here are some helpful links for past and future coverage:

All About Tech channel:

Electroneum channel:

Electeoneum official twitter:

Between these you wont miss a beat!


Also your in one , this place has all the info you need and more


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