Electroneum and the Whitepaper


I was wondering if there is an updated whitepaper somewhere.

If not @ETNCEO we need to get an updated white paper filed. The original seems very outdated and the course of ETN has changed. :grin::grin:

Yea, nice reminder.
I guess it’s still not updated.

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Nope it’s not updated yet it would be nice to see a new whitepaper however you can still see the timeline and what the Electroneum team wants to aim for in the next Quarter on the ETN website: https://electroneum.com/


@ETNCEO please get the whitepaper updated to the current ETN pathway, I see way to many people talking about the whitepaper and bringing up things that are not on the current path. Things like ETN will be going after the gaming market. I don’t see that as the correct/current path at this point.

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The whitepaper, timeline, news page and organization of the website is lacking. It needs a immediate update or our newcomers will be pushed away. @ETNCEO