Electroneum and Pundi X partnership ( XPOS system with ETN instant payment integrated API ) Thoughts ??


Pundi X has a very ambitious route to market with over 100,000 point of sale devices by next year it already offers many different crypto currencies for people to transact with what if Electroneums new instant payment api was integrated into the PundiX XPOS system by way of partnership, it could possibly be a match made in crypto heaven ! Enabling ETN to be transacted and bought through the XPOS and help Pundi X gain a massive ETN community. In addition PundiX has already forged big retail partners all across Asia !!-

I think Pundi X is also working with Utrust on the POS systems if I remember correctly. The KYC thing fits nicely there with what Utrust is doing

What do you think should Electroneum partner with Pundi X

Partnership idea. XPOS/ETN

I too think ETN should partner with PundiX

I have attended the Dubai International Block chain Summit last year and PundiX did participate in this event. I met the team and their concept is quite unique…


Can you briefly explain their concept?



very simple - like how we have POS Systems which accept fiat currency, PundiX is a “hardware (POS System)” which allows accepting cryptocurrencies.

I am sure you must have seen most retail outlets have card swipe attached to the POS, in the same manner, once vendors install pundiX, they can accept those cryptocurrencies which are partnered with them. PundiX would take a transactional fee from the respective currency.



Ah nice, so basically when I’m in a store buying something, the cashier is asking me: how would you like to pay?

Instead of offering me the regular options (like cash, creditcard, Mastercard etc). I could say: Well… this time I would like to pay with ETN.

The cashier selects ETN and the right amount (converted based on the current etn value compared to USD) appears and a QR code from ETN is showed?

I open my app, scan the code, press ‘accept’ and done? Because I see some sort of plastic card on their advertisements.


when compared to ETN’s ease of integration(API), Pundi X seems to be more of a redundancy, to me. but don’t worry, I can’t imagine Pundi not integrating ETN.


I really think this is backwards. Pundi X is offering a “POS” while Electroneum is offering an API that can be integrated into already existing pos. It is easier and ultimately cheaper for ETN to simply be integrated. Pundi X should be the ones asking if they can integrate into ETN’s API. Not even being bias towards ETN it is just dollars and cent common sense. I actually mention this in my latest video https://bit.tube/play?hash=QmYTTLjyEPP53i2jLJeYPqbV4QZFMgs3xYpfEVxwsPaLwz&channel=41418. You should check it out.


speaking of that…why would etn want to integrate any other crypto into their api, anyway? unless it was a case where another crypto had to be exchanged for or converted to etn in order to be used? maybe I’m selfish, but…:neutral_face:


Electroneum’s API can do instant payment and businesses might want to give their customers options to pay with; btc, etn, npsx, ada or whatever, it would behoove ETN to allow this and have the other coins pay what might be called a “listing fee” This generates more income for Electroneum. Also it would bring more people from other coins into the ETN Community.


I think your mistaking hardware for software , Pundi X is a Point Of Sales ( POS ) Device , they currently have many cryptocurrencies available for people to transact in . i dont think we need to be so defensive PundiX have made many great partnerships with many notable cryptocurrencies who have the same vision as Electroneum for mass adoption where such marriage could help both companies towards helping each other. Electroneum the software side Pundi X hardware side

Pundi X strap line is " Making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone " This is exactly what Richard Ells says anytime he mentions the patent and the ability for ETN enabling other currencies to be used via the patent and the instant payment api opening that up for the mass. These two statements by Pundi X and Richard are similar

current crypto available
Binance coin


That is correct
They also have a card option. If my memory holds right, you can move your crypt on that card which can be swiped on their POS machine which is an alternate to pay, let’s say, when your mobile batt dies off …


@Beeeeep can’t compare Etn instant with pundix. Pundix is a hardware and Etn instant payment is not a hardware…

Like how you mentioned, it’s always better to have several options


That’s true …

Pundix has their own payment gateway system which is quite different from ETN api…

The more reach, the better for ETN


i honestly think ETN doesn’t need pundi. why would any corporates upgrade their hardware when ETN has an API and patent for instant payments? Not to mention the cost savings with the enterprise level system they are building?


How about those stores which do not have a system to integrate the api? We are speaking about the unbanked :blush:

Jst a thought


Yes good point. My answer would be that if they have even just a smart phone they can still transact with the Electroneum system. It would be much more informal but with the speed at which the current blockchain is working it would still be useful. Crypto NWO did a video about how he found a person selling a tablet and he bought it with Electronuem and that shows that you dont need a POS system in place to conduct business.