Electroneum and Dogecoin

Doge took the lead for a while. (No pun intended) but its neck and neck. Now ETN is in front. :slight_smile:


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You can’t really compare their price, since the total supply is very different

Yes but its still interesting with the DOGE / ETH news coming on the 5th. And everyone said a couple of months ago that the price of ETN would never drop close to doge.

I don’t like Dogecoin much, it just keeps pumping and dumping. It hasn’t done bad for a joke coin but hopefully Electroneum will do better. DigiByte interests me more than Dogecoin and I like how their devs helped keep Dogecoin going, with DigiShield.

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I don’t really see much value in Dogecoin either Electroneum however is very undervalued at this moment i think when ETN starts its marketing and all their products are out and KYC and such i think we will leave Doge far behind and won’t see it anymore on our radar :yum::rocket:

Gaining… :slight_smile:


4 up / 4 down, even again…

It happened again, binance listing this time.