Electroneum - Airtel India vs Amazon Pay


Thought of showing you this opportunity. I just received a text message from my mobile service provider Airtel India thanking me for being a privilege customer and gifting me 50 rupees ($1 = 73 rupees). I checked the news and see that launching this program, 1 Million customers have availed this free gift in less than 5 days (Airtel has 300 Million subscribers in India) This is one time gift from Amazon Pay to Airtel customers to acquire user base. Now draw a parallel to ETN when Electroneum partners with various service providers aroud the world and how quickly our user base will grow. Remember, Mobile miner will constantly gift the users with ETN and the service providers get a cut and this is not onetime but will be recurring monthly

. I could imagine the user growth and how likely it will sustain. The user growth and ETN value will be out of proportion very soon.


That’s a dam good idea , give them the incentive to use the miner… free bonus etn .

Good read thanks for posting