Electroneum acc cannot login and blocked

My wife etn acc was block. She already complete kyc level 2 but unfotunately after complete the acc didn’t link to the wallet. So how to activate back the wallet? She already contected support but the info not clear then finally support desk ask to refer here.pls advice

She may be required to be kyc level 3. Can you give more information please.

What country are you from? Some are required level 3 verification.
Are you completing kyc through your my.electroneum account or yoti? Explain the process you used.

We from malaysia. My personal etn acc only complete level 2 yoti as my wife and my acc running ok, dan open. My wife only was blocked

Now what we need, to open wallet and get the qr code to link to yoti that she already complete for level 2

Yes you need to use QR code to link the my.electroneum account to yoti account.

Tq for reply. My problem now cant open acc to get qr code from my Etn wallet

You do this threw https://my.electroneum.com

You can also click on QR code and it will ask to link to Yoti.

Ok, i will askmu white to try, tq sir

Have you done verification on https://my.electroneum.com ? Under settings

Connot login with that my.electroneum.com, cameout like this

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She cant go into the etn wallet