Electroneum 3D Rotating Logo & Live Price Ticker


Check it out friends!
I made this 3D Rotating Logo & Live Price Ticker for Electroneum (ETN) fans :slight_smile:



Wow super cool interactive Electroneum!


Nice , that’s exactly what I’ve been wanting…

As my mobile backround…

Is there anyway I can do that .

Many thanks


Hi Chris,
Yeh I’ve been wanting to explore that for a while.
I haven’t found an easy solution yet and it also depends which mobile OS you’re running.
I did see some instructions for Android users so you could search for that.
I had previously created a white background version of the Electroneum 3DLogo in GIF format, so you could have a play with this.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Thanks that’s great , if you get the other on Android 8.0 let me know I’ll gladly pinch it … hahahaha great job

Again thank you