Electroneum 101.com cryptostore ph - not so instant

So tried using above website to load up my globe mobile number while i’m here in the philippines for vacation. Made an account and everything, sent my etn, they recieved it but no credit on my mobile number. Maybe sending the phone credit is done manually? I dont know. Anyway, i just tried a small amount to test it.
For refenrece:
50php = 195etn
1gb data, unli texts to all networks.

Phils will be a good market for etn.

i know. just wanted to let the community know bout this because etn101 was one pf the first websites that accepted etn for payments of services. i thought it would have been cool to use etn to buy phone credits while i’m on holidays here in the phils. oh well, there goes my 200etn.

Maybe try contacting them on their facebook page. That’s a sure fire way to get action most times.

Could just be something not working properly somewhere in the process and maybe they aren’t aware it’s not working properly.

not really bothered losing 200 etn. but i’ll try contacting them.

this is what they said. refunded but its not on my wallet yet. i didnt know there was a way to refund etn already?

nice. just checked my wallet and got my refund.
would’ve been better if i was able to ise this etn to top up my phone.

i’ll try again. hope this would go through

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