Electronerds: Download the YOTI App for KYC!


In order to sign up for KYC, download the YOTI app and follow the directions for creating a digital identity. Then you’ll be ready for the next phase of ETN!




nice! cant wait. the guys at ETN are moving forward so fast!


Just did…waiting for my biometric verification…:+1::+1:


Just did as well. Can’t wait for Monday.


I just downloaded it also this announcement surprised me a lot i was thinking they would do it in Q4 but ETN amazed me again :smiley:


Just did! Feeling very excited, we making progress.


Is it okay to buy and sell ETN on exchanges while doing KYC?


Thank you @Squidward_Nakamoto


When I go to download yoti google app say not available in my country what I can do? Help plz


Downloaded the app and am now Verified…EASY Process from my side…!!!


Not available in algeria


Have you tried contacting yoti SUPPORT ?


The document is not enough. Passport among all other :id:


Yes I sent them email but after long discuss with them they told to wait monthly update so it will long time to wait


Yes I sent them an email after long discuss with them they told me to wait next update monthly I must wait a month lol is it normal


Did you manage to create a basic ‘Tier 1’ account at Yoti using your selfie, phone number and voice-print ?


The app can let me install it because I haven’t access to install it from my country


:cry: thats sad man, well i guess the etn team and yoti will come up with a solution in about 4 weeks before KYC is possible enforced. Monday is only a soft implementation of KYC. If you have millions of etn in your app (web-wallet) and feel unsure, you could always transfer them to a paperwallet or CLI-wallet on your harddisk


No I haven’t million but what happens to the ten if don’t put the KYC ? And what happen for our money?


do not worry my friend, there will be a solution :+1: There will be weeks before KYC is enforced, and if your country is really banned you can always transfer them to a CLI-wallet (if you own a computer)