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The Windows Store has this “Easy Electroneum Miner” app for Windows computers - is this miner any good? Or are there better ones out there to use?
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It is not likely to be legit.
The only way to get ETN is to create an account on my.electroneum.com or the official electroneum app on your smartphone. It is in the google play store and the apple play store depending on the type of smart phone. Go through the sign up process and earn a few etn for completing the steps. Then earn a trickle of ETN over time until they stop handing out coins that way.

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I already have an account, and a few thousand coins.
How do I continue to earn/mine coins using a Windows computer?
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There is not really a way. Mine another coin and trade those for ETN
Unless you pay nothing for electricity it will almost certainly be cheaper to buy then mine right now.

Thanks for that feedback. In that case, can you advise an easy coin to mine via a computer?
Also, I currently have a few thousand electroneum in my wallet (on my home computer). I assume its safer this way than for example in the online wallet at “my . electroneum . com”?

Also, wasnt there a mobile miner, to use on a phone ?

Since you are doing the cli, be sure to backup your keys somewhere. I’d not really trust storing your wallet on your regular pc. This is even more true if you are involved with crypto. keyloggers and such can steal your coin. If you are going this route you need to take steps to guard your funds.

The ETN rewards used to be called the mobile miner. It was and is now an airdrop of coins given as an incentive.

thank you - are you suggesting storing my electroneum in the online wallet is safer then?
Also, this ETN rewards you mention - is that like a random drop into random people’s wallets, at random intervals?

Just reminding you to be careful is all. I have some in offline wallets and some in the online/app wallet. You need to be in the online/app wallet to use the instant payment feature for example. It is quite nice and easy to use once set up.

Thank you - the CLI wallet requires a local copy of the blockchain (which is already over 41GB and counting). This needs to be regularly synched. Do any of the other laptop wallets also require this massive local copy of the blockchain?

Most coins require the entire blockchain to run a local wallet. There are some exceptions. I would not use anything but the official wallets if you want to keep your coins.
Once the ledger support goes live you could store it on one of those.
It is eating up 61gb of my disk.

Thank you for all your valuable feedback! take care

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you can mine altcoins with CPU, GPU, ASIC and exchange it to etn. The thorshammer mining pool makes the exchange automatically for you.

more info on telegram

or here

you don’t need a local copy if you use a remote node:
Windows: electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --daemon-host=
Linux: ./electroneum-wallet-cli --daemon-host=

info is from here

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