Early Beta Testing (POSitron) Point of Sale


Hi everyone,

Some of you might remember a few videos I did some time ago that showed working integrations of Electroneum’s Instant Payment API (Windows & Android)

Well, I’ve been fiddling with it for some time and I think I have a somewhat stable build for both Windows and Android.
I’m now requesting some help with testing.

If anyone wants to guinea pig for me, please do! And let me know how you get on.
The software requires NO personal information to beta test, besides your ETN public wallet address, and/or a paypal merchant ID.
If registering, then basic Company Name, Address and a contact would be required.


I am particularly interested in the following issues:
Crashes, Hangs, Stalls & whatever errors they may show.
Incorrect math - especially financials!
Any kind of work process, database stuff that I am obviously missing.


  • Very early Beta
  • Not tested across a wide variety of systems (2x phones, 2x PCs)
  • Not optimised for thermal receipt printers (yet! am waiting on hardware to arrive)
  • Electroneum works
  • PayPal works
  • Help File is lacking in information
  • Registrations do mostly work, although I don’t recommend it without contacting me first.
  • The website is served off a gaming PC in my bedroom, hence it tends to get shutdown at night - Also the IP address isn’t static (yet! - aiming to move to new location with dedicated server).


This is so awesome! thanks for working on this and sharing with us, its so awesome I can forgive you for the music :rofl:

For someone who is abit of an idiot at this point of sale stuff, can you give us abit more of a run down on this. When finished do you plan on the software being free and also were do you see it being used?




Unfortunately I have to work for a living, so the windows version will require a registration fee after 14 days (thinking $365 usd / year).
Which I believe is cheaper than most retail sales software solutions.

It’s aimed at almost any physical retail store.
Dairies, electronics, general goods etc.
It’s also good for sole traders and people who are mobile as it allows stock and customer entry, and sales via your phone.

However, it does not do apparel (clothing) or manufacturing (job costing) very well at this point in time.

For now, it lets you create stock items, customers, suppliers and staff accounts etc. It databases all of your sales and can provide basic reporting.
There’s alot to work on, but its getting there!


Amazing thanks for clearing that up for me, it’s looking pretty good. Creating systems like this are not easy and so fiddly to get right. Keep us updated this looks like an interesting project to watch, your feedback as someone actually trying to use this stuff Im sure will be very helpful to the ETN team and others.


Great i love too your app to watch spread between exchanges look at it if you dont know @SteveElliott is very tallented


Thanks :yum:

I appreciate the support and feedback


Brilliant work @SteveElliott. This is really promising and we are very lucky to have skilled developers like you in the community! I hope you’re successful in monetising this! :slight_smile: