E-commerce platform like Amazon or Ebay powered by ETN

What do you guy think about Electroneum opening an e-commerce platform similar to Amazon or eBay? The buyer could use his credit card to purchase goods and the seller could receive the payment in ETN from a third party like with Anytask. I think Electroneum should definitely consider this. It’s great that Electroneum is letting people sell digital goods for ETN but I believe Electroneum needs to consider a platform where people can buy and sell physical goods too.

This will be a massive step towards mass adoption, probably even bigger than Anytask. There are more people who are into buying and selling physical goods than digital services. That’s why Amazon and eBay are performing better than all those freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Elance and that is because it is a much bigger market. PayPal became huge when it started powering eBay. No one knew about PayPal before they partnered up with eBay. Now both companies are huge now along with Amazon. PayPal used the e-commerce industry (eBay) to become huge not the freelancing industry like Fiverr. The point is that Electroneum needs to consider building a platform that is powered by ETN like Anytask which lets users buy and sell physical goods to reach mass adoption. This is a golden opportunity for Electroneum especially now that Amazon is driving so many sellers out of business by buying the seller’s product directly from the manufacturer at a lower price. Amazon patiently waited for their platform to gain mass adoption before driving those sellers out of business. Electroneum doesn’t have to take this route or it can even allow manufacturers to sell their products like we see on Amazon. An e-commerce platform is absolutely crucial for Electroneum to gain mass adoption.

The platform should also have an affiliate program that pays affiliates in ETN or fiat currency (preferably in fiat currency if the affiliate lives in a developed country). The affiliate program will greatly help ETN spread like wildefire like we saw with Amazon. This new platform could give more in commission than Amazon to affiliates and can reach out to Youtubers for advertisement. This new platform can also be a mix of both Amazon and eBay. A buyer could buy things like on Amazon or be involved in biddings like on eBay on that same new platform. It could be the ultimate marketplace. This new platform could even be for both the unbanked and those who are banked. People from the developed world could sell like they would on Amazon for fiat currency and the unbanked can use ETN to buy or sell. Cryptocurrency (ETN) and fiat currency (USD) could live in harmony on that new platform. Maybe the new platform can let sellers from developed countries to sell in fiat currency and the rest of the world can sell in ETN. This will encourage both the unbanked world and those who have a bank account to use the platform.

I believe this can greatly increase brand recognition for Electroneum and it can be a source of revenue for the company later. The more ways there are to earn ETN, the faster Electroneum will reach mass adoption. No cryptocurrency is currently doing this, at least no cryptocurrency in the top 10. Vote for this if you think it is a great idea. I would also love to hear your ideas if you have any.

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