E-cat electric power

yeah moving into more sustainable living is the way to go. I already did some experiments with gardening and things. Next step is to find some land somewhere to develop but in all honesty it only really works when its community based and you a decent amount of people working together and sharing the load. When you try to do it all your self you get burned out very quickly and all your spare time is spent on survival again. One person can’t produce everything they need. it needs to be done with small towns and villages and then swapping resources with other locals. There is a guy in South Africa Michael Tellinger who has been trying to get his projects off the ground for years - the one small town initiative you can search it online - he is making slow steady progress with the concept.

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Decentralized Food Production.

My aim is the same.

We must learn again how to grow food that isnt polluted with chemicals.

Centralized is killing us with food as well.

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cheap energy could also help for self-sustained living. I’m watching an energy generator since 10 years. Now it seems to take off. Though I’m waiting others buying it first and reporting back whether it really works. See it at ecat.com

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That looks very interesting.

Steer clear of the E-Cat hoax, all I can say. Look into micro-CHP projects that are based on actual physics, like MicroGen. Not technical advice :sunglasses:

It can not be a hoax as the prototype e-cat sklep was measured by university Bologna Italy. (unless the university is involved in the hoax of course:) See the reports here:

As for the “actual physics”: See also the above link.

Anyway to be on the safe side wait for the reports of endusers to be sure it works

This is going a bit off topic, but this has been debunked quite many times over the course of ten years. Their affiliation with the Bologna Uni is there to bring credibility but is kinda irrelevant, as they’ve not been part of the demo’s in any meaningful way.

If this were true, this guy would be Einstein to the power of ten. I guess it’s possible, but I would not bet a single dollar on it based on what I’ve read.

the inventor says he will start producing the device when he reaches 1 million in preorders. He says since December 9 he got more than 600k preorders and most of the orderers are resellers. So if this trend continues he has to start production in a few days so we’ll see independent endusers’ reports soon, perhaps in 2 weeks


Glad this topic was split, I didn’t want to flood the FOMO thread with unrelated stuff.

Seeing where the E-Cat project is going is all well and good, but I’m happy you’ve not put your cash into it. I don’t mean to be rude in any way, but the project has all the usual red flags of a perpetual motion machine hoax, and I don’t believe the 600k pre-order stuff for one second. Or if it’s true, we’ll see the project transform from a technology project to a criminology project soon enough.

More than 10 years, nothing peer-reviewed, almost all of the positive stuff online can be traced back to themselves. Black boxes, secret ingredients, sketchy inventors. Snake oil.

I am also interested in low-emission and low-cost power generation. The best solutions I’ve found so far are different forms of CHP using solar/biomass/wood, which could be viable in rural areas. The investment cost is of course a bit of a show stopper at the moment, unfortunately. Currently my country place place runs on fireplace + air-to-water- heatpump, which certainly has room for improvement. Especially the power generation would be interesting, more so now with these prices. Unfortunately the grid cost is a big factor in the overall electricity cost (at least in Finland), and there’s no escaping that unless you take yourself completely off the grid, which for me is not feasible.

Will be interesting to see how things pan out with E-Cat, but I’m kinda sure it’s smoke and mirrors.

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I hope we’ll see in a few weeks is the ecat for real. BTW in order to be useful I’d need 10s of kilowatts i.e. 100s of ecat skleps plus an expert to set it up in my apartment all which is too expensive. anyway if the ecat works it wil make transportation and raw material processing cheaper which will make the price of almost everything cheaper so an indirect way everyone will see its benefits

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