During soft launch can I send etn without kyc?


thank you for your answers


@Anjay When soft launch starts September 10th, the next 30 days for KYC will be completely optional, which means you can send and receive as much ETN as you want during these 30 days without applying for KYC.

After these 30 days you will be obligated to provide KYC if you breach limits. There should also be a small grace period after 30 days of soft launch.


that means I can still send etn during soft launch without kyc?


Yes, that would be correct.


@cuddlesquid… Am trying to send coin from my online wallet to my offline wallet but it’s not going through… Can it be because I haven’t do my kyc and if if so, how will I go about it… U can reply here or inbox me… Thanks


No it can’t be because of KYC, it has not started, and full launch of KYC wont start for another 31 days.

You’ll have to be a little more specific why you are unable to send from Mobile App, screen shot of error would be best.


I just created the offline and am trying to send the from my online wallet to the offline public address… But it’s returning to failed


I am really not sure about that. In the past payments failed for me when I attempted to send too much ETN. Maybe you are sending a lot at once? This is about all I can suggest for now.

If you still have issues and are not willing to try a smaller transaction, you’ll have to submit a ticket here https://support.electroneum.com/hc/en-us


Okay… Thanks… I really appreciate


@cuddlesquid…i wish to chat you personally based on this electroneum of a thing of that can works out… Here is my whatsapp line… +2348035329866 and my telegram line is +2349035111682…


Hi buddy, I have telegram but I’m not found there very often, you can always drop me a private message here without a problem :slight_smile:

Also just be careful posting your telephone numbers in public places. At least use private messages to share a little more sensitive information.