Dreams are universal, opportunity is not... Let's change this!

Lend as little as $25 to create opportunity for people around the world.
kiva.org let’s you lend small amounts to people in the developing nations. What if we could lend them Electroneum and/or give them a phone?

Have you ever been in a developing nation and just walked the neighborhood? I have,… your heart will sink. Children will beg you, how can you say no?!

Children will view you as their savior for the day, for their week but there are so many of them that you will have to start saying no in order to survive yourself and that’s when it hits you, the reality that they have no opportunity and you are not enough.

You really have to go there and see/experience it for yourself. There are millions of people like that. Imagine the people of Haiti? Let’s be human and care about other humans.

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A week or to ago we did discuss in this forum about creating a donation found driven of this forum. I think it is a good idea.

I emailed kiva about accepting ETN as a way to micro loan. They replied for team to apply next year when partnership applications open up again.

I think ETN team could just make their own form of micro loaning on their new gig guru website coming up but maybe that would be a large side project, something kiva is experienced at already.
On the other hand with KYC in place now that makes things a lot easier on the security end of it.