Download ID - ETNCommerce


Would someone assist me understanding what Download ID is and where can it be obtained from? This setting is found in the VirtueMart Electroneum Payment Method by JoomlaPro.

Download ID below is an example of what a Download ID should look like.


I have skipped inputting Download ID and tested without it, payments are successful.

Download ID may be for when automatically updating Electroneum payment plugin.


I’m setting up instant payment plugin on my Woocommerce store now. Can the download ID space remain empty for store to be set and operational?


There should be no problem operating without download id, its sole purpose is for updating Electroneum payment module.

Worst case, you don’t get any updates. As far as I can tell the key that is present is invalid. Notice how download id is specified at end of link when you attempt to fetch latest update? The link below is obtained from Extensions > Manage > Update