Don't know what to do or who to ask

I have more trouble than you can “shake a stick at”!
Tried to put in a support ticket, but it won’t accept my password. I don’t know why, because my password gets me into this General Discussion. I typed it over and over again and I typed it correctly, but Support does not accept it.

Here is the problem:
All my ETN is on the Liquid Exchange.
This exchange is closing to all Americans on (fast approaching) June 1st.
ETN is not on any American Exchanges.
ETN is not supported by Nano Ledger Wallet.
The only thing I can do is a Paper Wallet.

I was advised to transfer my ETN from Liquid Exchange to ETN Wallet and then make ETN Paper Wallet from there. Somebody else advised to use a CLI wallet or Gooey. I have no clue what he’s talking about.

In watching “how to” videos for paper wallet, the first thing it says to do is download Chrome Browser.
I have an iMac. It uses Safari browser. I don’t want to download another browser that is not Apple.
Don’t even know if Apple allows it.
Can I make a paper wallet using iMac?

I don’t know what to do. This is just not right. I have had ETN for 2 years while the price went to practically nothing. Now that there is hope of some good announcements coming with the ANON Conference, am I going to lose all my ETN because there is no American Exchange and no Nano Ledger availability?

Why is there no help from Electroneum in such a situation? I didn’t cause this problem.
Somebody, please tell me what to do. I’m about to cry.

don’t use your etn account at
you have to create an other (non-etn) account for that.

@BegaMutex can you help with a mac?


WOW! They certainly don’t make anything easy, do they?

Thank you. I will try that.

Meanwhile, if anybody else in the discussion has any solutions for me, I would love to hear them.


just transfer your coins to the mobile wallet for now and wait for the Ledger Nano integration. It’s coming.

the mobile wallet is much safer than an exchange.


if someone has an access problem to their etn account then it’s better to have an other account for support

The support system is not the same as your wallet login. You can create a support login on the support page, then use that to login and create tickets.

Regarding your funds…You can store in your Electroneum mobile/web wallet… use a paper wallet, command line wallet or you can try the community created desktop wallet.

The paper wallet generator is available from within It should work on safari but not personally tried it.

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you don’t have full control of your mobile/online wallet. a CLI/paper wallet gives you full control

True. I thought he was just having problems getting to support…not the mobile/web wallet

I just tried to get a support ticket. I typed my full name and email, as they requested. This is what I got:

“Your browser restricts cookie usage. Click here to restart your sign in.”

I clicked to restart the sign in as they said. Nothing happened. Tried several times.
This is really bad.

BegMutex, are you a MOD? If so, can you find out FOR SURE if I can make a paper wallet through Safari. I would appreciate it.

Another suggestion for a CLI wallet?

Grandmas don’t understand CLI wallets and Gooeys and all that stuff that people suggest.
It’s going to be hard enough to make a paper wallet. I can’t even do that.

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Use the electroneum official app as your wallet, easy safe and sound. Then you have 100% control 100% of all times and 100% access to it 24/7.

That is my suggestion atleast, though you will likely have to provide further ID proof stuff and I’m guessing that’s why you’re already not using the official app?

Other then that, not much I can personally do. I’m not sure why we’re not listed on Coinbase yet as that would drastically increase ease of use for people. I think US exchange is on the way but legal documents needs to be approved firstly and that could take literally lifetimes to come to fruition.

Easiest thing would be the official ETN app IMO.

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Thanks, Winky.

What is the “OFFICIAL” ETN APP?

Where do you get it? If it’s on the phone, I’m afraid to use it. Afraid of making mistakes on the phone.
I agree, Coinbase would make life a lot easier.

you made me laugh, well done apprentice :rofl:



Yes, it’s one the phone. Google play store / apple store. - Electroneum *

It is fairly easy to use, recieve, send and store your ETN with it. Also you will generate some daily free ETN coins by just having the app.


On the phone? Is that the thing where I mine Electroneum? If so, I already have that.
So I could put my ETN on there?
Well, maybe I’ll put a little there, just to try it out.
Thanks, Winky. :blush:

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Oh, that’s so funny. :joy:

I wish I was young again, when all this stuff would be easy for me.

I’m going to copy and save this, so I can use it the next time it’s appropriate. :joy:


Yeah exactly, well you don’t mine it. You just recieve it :smiley: And yes you can store a maximum of 21billion ETN on there, I guess.
Test it out with a small amount and if it feels comfortable Id recommend you withdraw the rest of holdings from liquid as you are gonna get locked out from that exchange regardless… :frowning:

Does anyone know if kucoin is doing this also?

Pretty sure Kucoin is going down the drain, which will render ETN almost untradeable.

According to some papers that was seen some times ago where Kucoin had some legal troubles or whatever it was. Can’t remember really, but the text kind of pointed towards it going down.

Winky, I can store 21 Billion ETN on there? Oh boy! I’m all set. That’s exactly how much I have. :joy:

Oh yes, I’m going to take my ETN off the exchange or it’s all lost on June 1st.
That’s why I’m in such a panic.

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