Don't Invest Till You Read This!


Many people do not understand what an opportunity our low price means as many have purchased at all time high prices and are just holding without buying back in with the same amount they spent for Etn at a high price. Below are some simple numbers of the how many coins you would get if you spent $100usd. At the bottom more simple numbers of what will happen if you purchase $100usd worth of etn today and the return you will get at various prices!

Purchasing power of $100usd at various prices!














Now the for gains in $ USD you would see with that same 100 invested today at with etn at a price of .005 which would get you 20,000 Electroneum

$.005-------------$100usd purchase price












$.20---------------$4,000usd 40x return on investment!


This is depressing. I’ve been buying since January, thinking about how much ETN i would have if i waited until today, makes me want to cry… Thanks bro… :joy:


Don’t feel bad as I sunk many BTC into the coin well above .09cent each. Have been able to get my overall cost down below .008usd each now. If we dip more the rewards just increase massively.


hell yeah! i bought at ico with 50% bonus which equated to 0.006 dollar price. total cost for approx 120000 etn was $798. I sold 20000 etn for $400 which is half of the initial cost. 100000 etn for $400 ($0.004) makes me very happy! more luck than judgement i may add!


Right there with you, except didn’t profit take at all. Still yet to sell 1 of my ETN. lol


But you don’t expect everyone to be understanding, most unskilled investor thought it’s good to buy when the price is high


i only sold some because at the time it was the only investment i had that was still in profit and i needed some cash back in my bank account. Otherwise i would have kept them. turned out alright though!


yes the dollar signs in the eyes can soon turn to tears! fomo and hype is a powerful allure. guilty of it myself sometimes but more level headed these days


we can never predict the future, i mean anyone of us if we could have, probably would have tethered up after the markets ATH and bought back in the last weeks and made a killing, but in reality the best you can do is keep buying on the way down.


buying low and selling high in principal sounds easy doesn’t it. in reality its much harder to predict which way the market will go…best guess for most of us. i try to keep some of each pair and sell/buy in percentages. eg btc/euro. profits are potentially less but if it goes up you have selling power and vice versa. i record each transaction to make sure there is a profit for each trade either increasing one or the other. fomo however can cause “all in” bitcoin when the price goes down or vice versa lol!


Most people look at the potential gains and then start thinking they would rather loose the investment than risk loosing out on those gains.


@electromooneum Lol… Very awesome name :joy:


@cuddlesquid Positive thoughts.


Avg. Buy price that is what you should keep as low as possible.

I start invested when price was at it´s peak (0.18 was my initial buy), and now my avg. buy is 0.016$.