Donation Tracker


Before I start, I think it’s great that people in the forum have found recipients for donations worldwide, and commend the effort!

The problem that will come of it eventually is when more people begin spamming their QR codes with pleads for donations, and what started as good community intentions transforms into an attack vector for money grubbers. That will cause an instant aversion for most people when it comes to donating ETN. As of now, there is no (easy) way to tell how much in donations a person has received.

Idea: A system could be integrated into GigGuru (and/or the app) which allows users to register their wallet address as a Donor. Others could register in this system as a Charity Recipient, and perhaps even present an explanatory bio for the request.
Donations could be routed through this platform, and the main benefit would be that everyone can see how much funding a given charity has received. This would hopefully provide balance in the charity system. You could almost think of it as Kickstarter I suppose, but directed at individuals, and for charity purposes.
I am no expert on the subject, but this seems like something that could be easily integrated into GigGuru.

Maybe there is a simpler solution, a solution is already in place, or I’m off my rocker.

Let me know! Thanks.



I’m working on something a bit like this as a personal project :slight_smile:



Nice suggestion Nicolas.

The only problem i can foresee with something like that is the team are then acting as a type of escrow or middle man. When they insert the company into that position, they open themselves up to all sorts of legal culpability. They would have no way of mitigating risk and no way to verify funds being asked for would be used legitimately or as promised.

Right or wrong, and even with all the caveats and legal notices in the world, if something turns out to be a scam (or worse!) the company would be pulled into the situation by association.

The team take the safety of the community (and in this case donators) very seriously, which means acting in that role would be very very difficult unless they take the burden of verifying the legitimacy of projects.

Perhaps a 3rd party who are willing to do this could make a site and offer this service, but i think it would be difficult for Electroneum to do, not impossible, but difficult.



That’s good to hear!



I understand your point for sure. A third party would probably be needed as a legal buffer.