Donation Demo (Video & Link)


Some of you will have seen this already elsewhere: A quick “Donation Demo” page we put up based on the etn-vendor-api-demo by @Corentin over on Github. Possible uses: the code is fairly simple and could easily be turned into a basic/free Wordpress plugin so that anyone—without needing any e-commerce setup—could, for instance, have a “Support our Project/Work with X amount” page/section on their website. Etc.

Here’s the video showing it all in action:

And here’s the actual demo page, if you would like to check it out for yourself:

Donation Demo*
(*You can send as little as €0.01 (about 2ETN), if you wanted to properly try it out…)

PS: Apologies for the delay in posting this here: just noticed this category! :blush:


This is fantastic! Did you developed this by yourself?


As mentioned, it is based on the etn-vendor-api-demo by @Corentin. Basically, he did “the heavy lifting”—we “added” the slick user experience ; )


Thanks :slight_smile:


That’s Awesome nice work and Nice video to! @Peter_DIR @Corentin :blush: keep up the good work :+1:


WOW! This is impressive!


Superb! Just made my first instant payment! Really impressive, it was a small amount but the system works perfectly!!