Donation Demo now live!


Just put together a quick “Donation Demo!” page based on the etn-vendor-api-demo by Unyxos (Corentin Cl) over on Github. We might well look to properly squeeze something like this into a free Wordpress plugin—or someone might well beat us to that. Please feel free!

Anyhow, just another demo then to share around:

Donation Demo!

It’s all rather self-explanatory really… and/but live!
And please don’t immediately go donating large sums to then be asking for refunds!! :joy: Thanks! :smile:

Great @Peter_DIR, it looks awesome!

Maybe little bug - a negative number can be entered.

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Jeez - does that mean we’ll get CHARGED?!? :joy:
But who’d donate a negative amount?! Conceptually, what does that even mean?? :joy:

:+1: But thank you! : )


This looks brilliant, using all aspects of the API and @Corentin’s work into a slick user experience!

Can this be recorded into a quick video? We’d love to share this through our media channels!


Perfect. The site reacts almost immediately.
Now the slowest part about the instant payments is actually the app with the “loading” and “validating” screens.

True, it is not a bug, it is just ui/ux thing. Maybe <input min=“0.001” would solved this.

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Yep: 80% credit goes to @Corentin for sure!! Working on video now…

Awesome! Just sent you a little something for your amazing videos.

@Egg This negative number is something you guys can catch and check in the QR code generator? Add a Javascript check and display an error message if the amount is negative, rather than a QR code.

Currently the he generated QR box displays the negative number, but as soon as you click on it to purchase, the app displays an error message and prevents you from proceeding.

So it’s just for the front part that a fix is required.

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21.37 ETN gratefully received! :joy:

Overkill: Just had to put in min="0.01" for the input… Negative numbers gone!

Yes, a solution on the widget side would be a more robust solution…

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Well done indeed.

I tried my first live payment of 10 ETN and it worked like charm.

Very smooth. I like the “system beep” when you scan the code, you have to confirm the payment and enter your 5-digit code. Thumbs up. :+1: for IP system and the demo.

I’m sure the IP system blocks negative payments requests (refunds). :money_mouth_face::flushed:

Yeah, it throws an error message on the app when you get use a negative number.

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I thought so but good to have it confirmed so others now that it’s not an issue. :grin:

Here’s the video!


I wanted to try the demo and donate but I don’t know euro lol I’m in the US and know dollar$

1 EUR is 1.16 USD at the moment, so pretty much the same!

go for 0.01 EUR thats about 0.01 USD and about 21ETN! ; )