Donating ETN to charities in the developing world


How about this? We have many big charities operating in the unbanked areas. What if we setup a wallet link so people on this forum could donate ETN to those charities and give them ETN to spend. Maybe the charities could in turn help to stimulate the economy in those unbanked areas?


I believe the ETN team has to provide this wallet, otherwise we could donate to @M-Kid instead. :smiley:
Maybe that’s how he became a whale in the first place. :)))


It might even be in ETN’s interest to make a larger donation themselves to these charities.


Charities must be well researched and personaly visited before we start backing and funding them. Many are not very open about how the money is really used. Still waiting for Decentralized charities.


I emailed to ask them about letting us micro loan in Electroneum. I think the new gig guru website that the team is putting together could set up a micr loan system.


I know this is an old thread but I hope it still has eyes on it! Great idea regarding charity work, if team ETN don’t take this on themselves would anyone be interested in starting a ETN crowdsourcing page for maybe mobile miner payouts from the ETN rich and other donations.

What I would add to this simply instead trying to get charities to cash out their ETN we could start by funding a charity that could ‘cash out’ with goods with a vendor in their country that accepts ETN. A real life test case.


Yeah it’s a good idea. I think it can happen in the future. Once we get more etn into circulation and it’s got some good adoption it can work.