don’t want to complete level 3, I alteady did level 2


i completed level 2 and do not want to complete level 3
Why I still cannot manage my wallet?
I am very far of the 150 $ transaction in 3 months
thanks for support


The system has required you to do tier 3 so you must complete it.

Everyone I have talked to has been forced into the next level up, when we have not requested nor required to do so. Richard stated clearly that we would not be “left behind” with the KYC situation. Most of us have updated to level 2 before the KYC official date, and then are being forced to provide level 3 KYC info. This has to be a bug in the system. Please tell us what to do in this situation?
I do not have a source of funds for the (**Admin Edit: dont post personal information) account, since it is donated by myself from my other account. What documents can I use for this? -Greg

Reasons for an account to be required to do Level 3 are in the KYC FAQs.

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Still no reason for me to be required for
Level3, no transaction, euro based 8k ETN
They just don’t know as they don’t control the “system” apparently so why should I trust them with my info?

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I have the same problem. I’m new user and downloaded iOS app. I’ve done verification level 2 but then I have to send proof of my earnings, but I don’t have job from few months. That’s mean I can’t use miner app?

Good luck with mass adoption, especially in 3rd world countries when people even don’t have address and bank amount.

I’m very disappointed…