Doing my part to support ETN

Hello ETN investors, supporters and all round crypto enthousiasts,

I’m proud to be a part of this great adventure. And I want to do my part and support ETN. That’s why I’ve integrated the WooCommerce plugin for ETN Instant Payments. As a vendor I will be selling cell phone wallpaper artworks for iPhone and Android.

I hope that becoming a vendor accepting ETN that I would help in increasing transaction volume. I’m in love with the site and the ETN integration, but I want to know if you’re in love with it too. And if not, then I want to know the why.

So, I’d love your help. I’d like to know how a purchase with ETN went and how the site works for you. Head on over to my shop I would also like to know how my coupons work, so I’ve create a special ETN coupon code for all artworks: etntest

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help out.


Kern Thompson

Hi Kern

Just bought a wallpaper now with ETN using the coupon code and happy to say everything worked seamlessly.

The site was easy to navigate and the layout easy to follow.
Only improvement I could suggest is for the front page to have a background colour for the navigation bar on the top as some of the background images can make the text hard to see.

Its my first time using the instant payment system and I’m impressed on just how fast it really is, quicker than using a credit card.


On galaxy S7 it is slow, seconds waiting to see an image. BTW shouldn’t you protect your images against taking screenshots, like for example putting low resolution images there or putting them with watermarks?

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Hi Ikelemen,

Sorry for responding late. I’m still getting used to this. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve protected the images. I’ll also see how I can improve the loading time for the images.

Hi jemjem,

Thanks for your support and feedback. I really appreciate it. I’ll work on improving the front page so the navigation bar will be easier to read.

I’m also very impressed with the ease of use.

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how did you protect the images? I don’t see big letters over them saying copyright Kern Thompson:)