Does etn have set goals


It would be helpful to ETN coin owners if we knew more about the company and its future plans.

We get a lot of information and this community is another great hopeful feature to the “going concern” of ETN in general.

But, it would be nice if ETN shared their targets and company goals with us supporters:

  • Do they have price goals and targets? Timeframe?
  • Where does etn see itself in one year 2019?
  • Any market cap goals to strive for?

Don’t you think this would be a good idea?


most of it is in the white paper, but my favorite saying has been “Evolve or go extinct”… if ETN was to follow a strict timeline the wouldn’t be able to adapt and evolve towards unseen obstacles such as ASIC mining.

All my opinion of course.



I have two videos for you, Richard interview, should help possibly answer some of these questions, we are Crypto after all, don’t forget the very first three letters are “cry” :joy:

Part 1:

Part 2:

White Paper: thank you @thejahcoop

Big Goals: and millions of users

Hope this helps!


Goal is Electroneum accepted everywhere


@Btown_X The team will never speculate or discuss price. For many reasons, but primarily because they have little to no control over market price and because if they publicly discuss such things, it could be considered financial advice and cause all sorts of possible legal problems.

In terms of a development path going forward…they have clearly outlined their main focus and vision. I’m sure we will see more definitive milestones as things go live in the coming months. They are on untested grounds; doing things that no crypto has done before, so its requiring a very fluid-like approach to cater for new things that the crypto space, regulators or the fintech industry throw at them.


I have a personal goal, ACCUMULATE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!




Haha I’m with you on that one! :rocket:


Mass Adoption and bank the unbanked are there primary Goals and make it widely accepted everywhere I agree with @Kungfool69 hodl hodl more and try to get as much coins as you possibly can while the price is still this low because when it goes i don’t think we will ever see these prices anymore! :trophy::rocket:


massive jump on coinmarketcap for ETN!!! from 93 to 67!!! getting back to where we belong