Does anyone else think YOTI has issues


I uploaded my passport and had to try my drivers License like 8 times last night and again today.
I did the voice and picture too.
I updated the mobile ETN App.
I then went to the ETN website and scanned the QR code from my YOTI and it only approved me at level one.
So I can only buy and receive ETN now…aahhhh the early days on a crypto project. I guess I will just HODL.


I had no issues. There are several steps in yoti other than just scan ID. I did voice thing and one more step I believe.


Level 2, you have to do in the ETN site itself by attaching one of your address proof in JPG file format…


Hi I am from India and here only passport is allowed on yoti. Now yoti has confirmed that there is no way i can upload my address at yoti app. How do i clear more levels now on ETN wallet. I am not being able to scan yoti becuase of address issue. What do i do now?


My wife was able to setup Yoti no problem.