Does AnyBody know how to help with badges


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I only have a Few Badges to get and would like some help if possible

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Flag but I won’t try that one :point_up:
strong text
And one other that I have forgotten but will edit in!

wiki editor

Thanks for the help in advance.



You can get wiki editor by posting on the kyc Aml section and editing it when it gets approved.


So you want to beat my score :smiley: total over 30 badge welcome in team of people who are active :wink:


Thanks for your help I will have a think what to say!? :+1:


I think I’m competing against myself! Wow :open_mouth: I won’t get 30 anytime soon! Will try to get some people to join in though. :sunglasses::+1:


Just make a post about: How easy Kyc is or how hard it is for you and why.


Thank you for the help but I have been told to let these things progress normally and not to go for badges. :sunglasses::+1:


Wouldn’t you say that you naturally connected with the community to ask how to get the badges and I naturally responded to you? Lol


My response was diplomatic. :sunglasses::+1: