Document verification


Please be aware it can take up to 10 working days for documents to be verified. You do not need to raise a support ticket regarding this.


Thanks for the heads up


Since kyc is taking more time now than for earlier submitters I’d like to suggest a process change.
People get impatient when there is no change in status. So instead of having it stuck on pending with no other information have a system that offers some indication of current wait time. Either x number of requests in front of yours or at current rate y number of hours/days until your request is processed. A queue that is seen to be moving is much easier to wait in.
Implementing something like this now will save you many hours of support ticket requests in the future so it will be good for your business and also make your customers happier.


Thanks, my level 2 just came through after about 10 days - good to let everyone know.


I am having issues with level 3 actually uploading my document. I keep getting errors no matter what browser I use to upload. It will not complete the upload.

Is there any resolution to this kind of issue?


Is the document the correct format? It only accepts two file types. What is the size of the document? I ended up using sniping tool to create the image format they needed.


How can i upload the documents needed for level 2 kyc? Please help. Thank you in advance…


Hii, regarding documentation for Level 2, my bills are sent to a P.O Box here in the country I am staying at the moment. Can I use it to verify the account?


Hello my country is not supported on yost what should i do?? anyone that can help?


Yes you can as long as they have your full name on.


Which country is it?


Bosnia and Herzegovina


+1 This.

Sent my documents on the 27th of Oct. The fact that it doesn’t stop after with something like ‘Thank you for submitting your documents, please wait while we review them’ is very annoying.


Hi. The page will say the document is pending. It will not upload anything if it’s a PDF.


ooooh. I think mine was a PDF. I’m sorry I should have read everything but what would make this easier is if it looks at the document type (.pdf) and rejects it with a message saying it can’t be accepted.

I’ve just re-uploaded mine, and it’s saying ‘Pending’ now.


Hello Mulder I completed the first level for KYC, I am currently logged into my account and I cannot see the option for the second step. Any help or suggestions?


I think you have to go back to yoti app and scan again the bar code in ETN. Then you can see the next step. Check on Utube for videos that might help you. Sorry i didnt see your message for ages.


Hi ms Rachel…how do we verify kyc in yoti…i don’t have passport and drivers license…only multipurpose and tin id…