Do you agree? - See the Vision?


Let me compare the Electroneum vision and it’s specific goal. Not so far in our past there was the vision how to connect people. 1876, Scottish emigrant Alexander Graham Bell - first patent - for a device that produced clearly intelligible replication of the human voice. This instrument was further developed by many others. But one interesting fact is that few had the vision how to mass adopted and reach larger audience. So the first phones have been handed out for free. One’s the people accepted and understand the value and greatness of that device the new future started. The named companies than charged the usage and they become today the most largest companies, conglomerates.
Electroneum is given out for free using the mobile miner application. See the vision? Mass adoption takes time but I believe with our huge Electroneum community this goal will be achieved.
You need to foresee your future.
Recognize the big thing when it is still small.


Exactly I love that word, “recognize the big thing when it is still small”

Electroneum will become a monster
I have no doubt about that.


That is for sure and make sure you do not miss out on quite possibly the biggest potential of wealth creation the world has yet to see! $.0055cents per coin right now! Don’t think we will remain at these prices much longer!


Nice post @VZCrypto22 I most definitely agree and see the long term vision for Electroneum where they want to go for and i honestly think that ETN will make it happen to go after the 99% that isn’t in crypto yet and go for the mass adoption and the unbanked they want to reach but good work takes time i rather have them do good work and take their time to reach their goals i will personally be patiently waiting and i agree with @M-Kid right now you have so much opportunity to buy the amount you want to get for yourself while it is still low because if it will start to rise you won’t see those prices any longer :sunglasses::rocket: