Do we really need Hitbtc?


Do we really need to push for Hitbtc listing? Their exchange unfair policies tank crypto values.


I think, when ETN is a complete product, exchange listings will be irrelevant. Binance, HitBTC, wont matter. If Electroneum succeeds with their gig economy, community forums and instant payment system (border-less & without bank approval nor fees), then they will have created a product that can replace the entire fiat system. At that point, exchanges will be obsolete.


Being on an exchange which is monitored by has its benefits.


As far as I know we are very close. ETN is already in the HitBTC dashboard and the API already has an active entry for ETN.

No need to push it. I think they’re just taking their time to test it thoroughly and iron out all the kinks before listing. Shouldn’t be too long…


I think it’s about accessibility. It isn’t about any kind of initial price pump - this is about people being able to access ETN. More exchanges just mean more access for potential investors in the future. This is still very early days for this project.

As BegaMutex says, monitoring is also quite a nice addition.


Wonderful contributions so far, comrades.


Al the exposer ETN can get is positiv


Of course we need each and every exchange we can get. The higher the number of exchanges, the higher the probability for the market cap to grow.


Never hurts to have another exchange unless it is Coinbene with their 9 decimals places for ETN! :wink: lol


I don’t think they are pushing for HitBTC in that sense, they are going to be listed, it’s just the amount of money you throw at a big exchange that decides how fast they will do it.
Seing how it’s been this year, Electroneum hasn’t really needed new exchanges urgently.

I assume that they’ve paid the minimum fee to be in the queue to be listed, but far down on the list.
Big exchanges have long lists and small exchanges have short lists.
No point in wasting millions of dollar on speedy listings that we don’t need.

The point is, as soon as Electroneum gains millions of active users, and consumer directed corporations are accepting it, all the big exchanges will list Electroneum asap for free, because they want the corporate customers that will exchange large amounts of crypto.

That is just good business.


I think so too. Its more about getting listed in TradingView than about the actual HitBTC. There are so many investors that do their TA and decisions after taking a look at the product in tradingview.