Do we need kyc to deposit or withdraw through cryptopia?


I have some questions.

  1. if I keep my etns in my cryptopia account can
    I exchane them with btc or deposit or withdraw them to or from exchanges without verifyng kyc level 2&3 (after Nov 12) ?
  2. will kyc level 2&3 be obligatory for evey kind
    of transaction no matter from my electroneum wallet or from exchange to exchange?
    3)for a customer like me who lives in Iran isn’t
    there an alternative method to verify kyc manually? Because yoti does not accept our international passport.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Answer #1 NO you can exchange ETN on an exchange to another form of Crypto like BTC (bitcoin) and then move it to Exodus, or another wallet,or convert it to cash etc.

#2 NO

ETN wallets require KYC to move money out of them.

I hope this helped!!!


even paper wallets? or just online ?


You can move around ur ETN from one exchange to another and trade with other coins if you have ur ETN sitting in an exchange KYC will not effect you, KYC only effects you once it’s deposited into your ETN wallet, you are restricted from withdrawing certain amounts of ETN based on Euro value depending on the KYC level you have completed


i was under the impression moving to & from paper wallet using CLi didnt need KYC ?


That is correct, the blockchain is decentralised and unaffected by KYC requirements.

It is only Electroneum 2nd layer services/infrastructure which sit on TOP of the blockchain which require its users to be KYC/AML compliant… this enables commercial partners to integrate with those services without fear of illicit transactions passing through their company.

Anything that interacts with the blockchain direct like CLI does not require KYC…just online wallet, phone app, instant payment etc.