Do we need kyc and do we need another app for cloud mining?


I wonder if I can benefit from cloud mining without completing kyc level 3?

(I am fron Iran and my account is locked I have about 1000 etns but electroneum wants me to complete level 3. But i still can’t provide documents for level 3 )

My 2nd question is :
What do we need for cloud mining? Is it a different app? Or its done with etn android app?

Plz answer my questions.


No, as you are from a country which has been flagged by the global community you must achieve the highest level of identification in order to interact with the Electroneum Ltd systems.

Cloud mining app is the same app, its not something new.


How many etns do we get on average by cloud mining?


We dont know yet. It will likely be similar to what the current miner pays out.


Can I ask support team to send my etns to my exchange?(without completing kyc level 3)


No, they can’t do that, your ETN will remain on your account until you completed the needed KYC level, after completing, you’ll be able to move them.


Isn’t it possible to send them to paper or cli wallet?


As I said… no, you need to complete the needed KYC level if you want to move them


Use PC electroneum daemon and client and send your etn wherever you want.