Do major company notifications on the ETN app


There could be a ‘news notification’ feature on the ETN app, so that when you go into it there may be a notification if there is some significant ETN news. I appreciate wanting to keep the app clean and simple, but it is a good way to reach people with news about the project. Many people may have the app but may not be following developments that well.



Great idea keep coming more. Make brainstorming. You mean something like own blockfolio :slight_smile:
Or there can be sections follow us at multiple social site - something like here at website

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Great idea …

@Rach can you pass this on ??



I thought Richard mentioned about push notifications back in the A.A.T. series. It’s more than possible. Although being able to disallow will be important for data saving…or you could just come on here…:grin:



I do like this idea but Imo it would be to draining on the battery and to much upkeep updating for in app . I somewhat think that is suppose to be the purpose of this forum which is often a great resource of latest news and to keep updated on development. Even are able to ask questions if unsure and collaborate thoughts and ideas with other community members.

I would like to see a link to forum in the app.


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Push notifications could be an option, but as you say for data saving reasons and so as not to be intrusive I don’t think they should be the default setting, I think you should have to chose to activate them. But at the very least when you log into the app there could be a icon along the bottom which when you click on it takes you to a chronological list of big company updates with a link to the announcement on the forum.