Diversifying Your Portfolio.... a Serious Question!

I was dealing in a variety of cryptocoins in general and then along came ETN my favorite coin by far. I have since almost rid of all my other coins save for Crypterium and Vera which is still in I.C.O. My question is how many of you have liquidated your other coin investments to go with ETN specifically? What other coins are you possibly holding or see value in having in your basket of success sort of speak? Cheers and have a great day!

IMPORTANT: I do not advice anyone do invest in these projects, I’m not even fully invested into all of them but many of them have workings products already.

BitTube, because they already have a working platform that reward content creators and is not being censored like Youtube is.
GoChain, because they have smart contracts that are backwards compatible with those on Ethereum except that they’re 100x faster and more decentralized.
Sia, because encrypted storage of blockchain might win against cloud storage in the long run.
Elastos, because they want to make a blockchain compatible OS.
Substratum, because they want to decentralize internet.

I also like Cardano & IOTA but I think they’re both 2-3 years from having something to deliver.

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I also think Tron and Verge are extremely overpriced and I doubt they will survive two more years.
Tron wants to be a Jack-off-all-Trades and I don’t think that’s the correct route to go.
Verge has pretty cool tech but lack the professionalism required to be taken seriously.
BCASH can also burn in hell, which it probably will as soon as another currency beats them with faster transactions.

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I sold my ADA, Ripple, Verge, Tron, Daneel. Omisego and more

I only now hodl ETN, HOT and BTC.

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