Disconnect issues , slow login , miner dont start, etc



Thanks for the email. I will put a support ticket in but as I mentioned I just wanted to use the forum to check if anyone with the same issue already done so first as its potentially quicker and takes up less time of the team. Its a shame some people try and ruined topics though I generally find it a great source of info since its launch.

Keep up the great work!!



Have you get any feedback from the support?


Nothing yet Ill come back once I get something but I am sure they are pretty busy but I’m happy to wait.


I am too on board with same issues. Worst update. Try to reinstall but nothing help me. Android 7.0 and miui. 4* per day it crash…
If we go in these updates we lost all members. Now we have to 130k but not for long time. If we give them only 0.2etn per hour and only when they referresh every hour…


I also have the same issues with the app after the update. I used to be able to be around wifi, it would connect automatically and keep mining in the background. Now, on a samsung J3, the app will give me like .2, then disconnect and I have to log back in with my username and enter my password, only to repeat that process each time I want another drip of ETN. I used to get a payout every 3 days, sometimes evry 2 days if I ws constantly afound wifi. I’ve heard people say they wanted to slow down the rate at which people could abuse the miners by having tons of devices, and that would be a good fix, but it’s really annoying for everyday users with one device like myself. I’ve allowed the app all access, changed battery settings, re-installed, cleared cache, and also tried to ask about it on telegram only to be banned from the group! Anyone with some real, productive feedback on this issue? My friends are ALL having the same problem. Android Ios.


Yeah actually the latest update is not good at all, disconnect and miner doesn’t start so i had to close the app. hope to solve that problem soon in order to gain new users.


There is bug in the app for over a week. When you login to the app - right now click to stop minning and start - you will see that there is 128K of mobile miners but after 3 sec it dropped to number 123772 and this number is there for over 7-10 days… I havent support account so i couldnt raise a ticket just let you know this info.


I have 4 mobile miner and 2 instant payment that are stuck in the blockchain for over 1 week.


Did you try refresh or relogin or restart phone? there are 2 button 1 refresh notification only and second is in wallet - pay receive and near the bell… :wink: