Disconnect issues , slow login , miner dont start, etc


Hello!! From last update (2.6.3) im having a lot of problems with the android app, last week all nights before sleep i start mining and always wake Up and app stopped, anyone have this issues too? Phone its galaxy S9, i tested old phone (Samsung S7) and same issue. Tested with wifi and data.

Mobile Minner disconnect issue

I have the same problem 3-4 times a day since the update


I have the slow miner issue. I dont think its a wide spread issue though, this is the first ive heard of anyone else having the problem.


And miner done …for me the 4 time and i can not reconnect now .connection problem pls check you internet blabla my wifi and LTE is fine.
Every day the same sh… and no mod can say what is todo or dev team know this problem and fix it…


But it seems like not everybody have this problem.
On my phone the app runs good without any issues.
Have you tried to stop the app and clear the chache after the update?


Yes, because this is not a general issue, as compared to other times, when it was indeed.
There are only a few who are getting issues, and this means is their phone to blame (the OS version, the wrong settings, etc).


Yes i got this issue too, i was using my old phone Xperia M4 aqua only for mining i got it at home always connected to wifi and mining ETN, and after last ubdate i got disconnect issue after few hours , then i tried to mine on my mobile i am using everyday Xiaomi Mi Note 5 pro and there i got disconnected after few minutes. Dont know what is the issue there and how to fix it. :cry::cry:


yes i clear all restart new and not working for me i have 3 miner here 3 adresses (wife,me,son)
samsung j3 junior 2017 ,huawei p20lite. and huawei j6 (the slowest miner for 1.4 etn is takes 3 days gg.


I also have the problem when I look at the app after hours is error message. problem occurs only since update.
after updates, everything should be better, unfortunately there are problems here


I have this issue also since the update on my account, but my partners is fine.


The app airdrops even when when the Start mining button is not on.
But I really don’t get you people why do you need the airdrop.
I believe you can afford to invest at least $100, so you can buy 5000 ETN. You would make the same amount with the airdrop in 1,3 years. And this is at best, because I calculated it with 10 ETN/day as airdrop amount, which in the real world is actually 10 ETN/3 days.
You have to think this is intended for third world countries, where $3 mean something.


I have invested plenty of my own money into this project, the free coins offset my overall price so gives a better roi especially after year of them. But getting back to the post, if anyone has had the problem and found a fix I would be greatful.


So I believe you have multiple phones which you use for mining. That is not following the rules actually.


I have already explained exactly that I have this problem and my partner doesn’t, same phone, same network. Are you here to help with the issue/topic? Were are here looking for help not options on if we should be mining or not or rule breaking? So if you have nothing useful to add…


I have 3 phones all another account all verified
But back to topic the disconnent problems are since the update


There is some serious issue with the app
I am using Mi6 and all my settings are correct. I have cleared all cache as well
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

In spite of all basic steps, the app is still having an issue as it goes offline …


So if her’s works and yours not, how could we help? If this was a general problem for everyone, it would have been understandable.
Don’t bite my head off for that.
This will be solved in the end by the team, but I advise everyone to understand basic things about the functionalities of this app, so that you won’t have issues anymore.
ETN is not responsible for every case in particular, as each user has a lot of different settings, phone models or android versions, which could alter the app’s functionality as well.


Why is this so hard for you?? no problems… app update… problems. Given the very small amount of people on this forum of which a number have the identical problem following the update and nothing else changing we can assume that a decent amount ETN mobile miners have had the same problem. I am very aware that this won’t be an issue for long and will be fixed and to be honest isn’t all that serious at all. However people do have the right to use this platform to ask the question and check for a quick fix which is what they are doing. I wouldn’t say I have bitten your head off I’m just pointing out that your comments are not useful in anyway for us here. Its kind of like spending all day in the “fight the etn dump club” whilst not buying any coins to fight the dump if that makes sense. Anyway its been different but I’ll leave it there and come back later to see if anyone has posted any solutions. Thanks all!


We have this issue for several days now, nobody can help because it is not up to them. It is not a common issue, that I or someone else could solve. Of course you have the right to do whatever you like.


Have you open a support ticket?
Or maybe @Rachel know anything about app issues?