Disconnect issues and BAN from Telegram talking about this


Hello all, from last week the app sometimes disconnect, slow login , error messages , and miner not Connect.
Not always, sometimes work fine, but a lot of people have this issues.
Its normal that they banned me because i say that something its wrong? , you can only say i LOVE ETN, ETN for president, soon 1$?
Really, admins @telegram think about this, im not insulting anyone.


You were not removed by one of the other admins for saying something was wrong; constructive feedback is always appreciated and encouraged… you were removed because you were ignoring multiple requests by telegram admins to stop spamming the chat. Your questions had been answered by at least 3 different community members.

I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with your mobile, hopefully whatever is causing your problem can be resolved…but please refrain from letting your frustration get the better of you and making public channels unusable for others.

This is why the forum is a much better platform for the community, as peoples problems are not “lost” as soon as they are discussed, anyone suffering an issue can look through posts and get those resolutions.

If you have a problem with your account, have a good look through the forum for similar questions/answers by other members, create a post of your own in the relevant section or raise a ticket with support.

Thank you.