DirectorsTalk KYC Article

Hey everybody,

Take a look at this great article from Directors Talk:

It covers why KYC is such a huge deal for Electroneum, how it will help us move forward with partnerships and help us achieve mass adoption. It’s wonderful to see KYC being so well received and we’re so excited about the new wave of opportunities this will open up for us and our community.

Where would you like to see us go next? Which brands do you think we should partner with? Where would you like to spend your ETN? Tell us below…

EE, Amazon, Facebook, Virgin, just a few small ones :joy:

T-Mobile. Starbucks. McDonald’s. KFC. Ryanair. Xiaomi. Vodafone. LG. Ebay. Aliexpress. Uber. Airbnb…

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I am intrigued to see if their big news is hooking up with Vodaphone. Just a hunch!!!