Difficulty spikes


Can someone explain why the difficulty still goes through spikes cycles? Is this because of NiceHash or maybe the exploit mentioned in this reddit post ? :




Difficulty is the blockchains answer to the number of people mining. The blockchain is hard coded to try and force an average of 2minute blocks. If more people mine causing the network hash to go up; the blockchain adjusts and increases difficulty accordingly.

You will always get some variance… overall its been stable with a slight uptrend. (see green line i found online for last 30 days)

That post you linked was referring to issues pre-ASIC fork. Not relevant now.

There will be instances of some pools jumping in, but as you can see from the last 30 days above, its not having any real effect on stability.

(images taken from difficultychart.com)


Thank you for the answer ; the variance seemed bigger on electroneum101 (ex. august 27th to 29th - almost 22%):


Indeed, as i said there will always be some variance. But if you look at those spikes they are quite consistent in size (i.e. not relative) and are quite small in relation to overall network difficulty.

Here, look at Monero’s: