Did you know ETN is a top 10 coin already for many metrics


Did you know? #ETN is a top 10 coin by many important metrics. Take a look at this Alexa web comparison. We are also in the top 10 for… the number of blockchain transactions, wallet numbers and all social media channels!


That’s fantastic news , all without marketing . We are going to be one of the most successful alt coins ever , if not the best…


Congratulations and keep delivering more. Translation and cover more currencies and more partners and vendors will join the boat. We need to create oasis of the seas :slight_smile: big boat :motor_boat: and be well known worldwide mark :wink:


yea keep going :heart_eyes::wink:


More links with statistics data you can find in my excel sheet. It’s here too if you click on search button and write there statistics it will find my post and excel :slight_smile: green section better use PC. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uIcx9lmegjZfbA1e5Vg6O-oEtR4erBtmOOhi02XNxbE/edit#gid=1830941296


Keep on doing what you guys have been doing all along…Absolutely Brilliant…#ETNCEO and all the team…:+1::ok_hand::+1::ok_hand:


Awesome work, so looking forward for the future, so exciting being involved in this project, bravo guys bravo :clap:t3:


Wow! All of that without marketing …
I can now imagine how far we go after marketing starts
Mass Adoption baby :zap:


Now isnt that wonderful.


That’s Great News ! Well done guys…


great news!!! but that is not news for me because i have already known that fact a lot of time ago haha great etn is future!!!


Awesome news- keep up the good work


That’s why in 3 years ETN will jump around 10€/ETN :smile::smile::smile:


Massive! ETN is gonna be BIG!!


All this inside a year and a few months. Super platform to grow from and not let the pace slow down. Keep the hard work up :slight_smile: Etn will be up the top soon!


ETN are now having a small momentum, now is the time use that momentum for growth. The question is not wath ETN can do for us, but what we can do for ETN.


I just want to add that “ELECTRONEUM” has 450000 monthly global searches only in Google


This is amazing news :slight_smile:


Global reach is where ETNs strength is. Absolutely amazed by the percentage!


And now just imagine the possibility with the #grow in time compared to AMAZON.