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# Top 7 Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2019

" 1. Mass Adoption

That 2019 will be the year of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is hard for many to believe. Most of the wider US and UK public have never heard of blockchain or–if they have–think it’s something illegal.

Most likely, when we start to see wider usage, Asia will take the lead, although, it’s doubtful that blockchain solutions will have enough maturity for mass appeal in the coming months.

The general consensus from the crypto community seems to be that next year is too soon to see mass adoption of crypto. We first need scaling solutions, investor buy-in, enterprise integration, tighter security, and, of course, regulation. But who knows what’s in store for 2020? That’s a little harder to gauge."

Electroneum is on the right path as this is the only project which has targeted the right spot that the conventional/non-conventional financial/non-financial institutions have not reached or accessed until date.

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We are headed down the right path, just like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube mass adoption does not happen over night. I do expect mass adoption for ETN in the next 5-10 years but that does not mean we will not have ten of million to hundreds of millions of users in the next 18-24 months. I also think putting a time frame of 2019 for massive growth is not realistic, I would say hopefully by 2022-2024 we would have hundreds of millions of user and maybe 2025-2026ish we would top a billion users. I do expect ETN to change the world but it maybe not be until 2030! I know most people in crypto will loose their $hit if you tell them hodl till 2030. Just like people who purchase Amazon stock in May, 1997 at $18, holding long term will provide amazing returns. The major flaw in most people investing in crypto is that somehow think the coin should somehow moon in months which is possible but more than likely you need to give the team at least 5 years to make it to the moon! :wink: